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K25 PB (Power Booster)


The new K25 PB is equipped with shiftable drive axles and can be towed at 50 miles/h or even be propelled by an equally shiftable PowerPackUnit (PPU), as needed. This development offers additional traction (thrust) without using an additional thrust machine on transport routes with inclines. The K25 PB can also be operated as a self-propelled unit or be coupled to other K25 platform trailers.

1. As thrust machine: before driving on a critical incline, the driver starts the powerful 150 kW PPU. As soon as the tractor no longer has sufficient power to manage the incline, i.e. the speed drops below 9 miles/h, the driving gear starts automatically, thus providing sufficient thrust. Once the incline has been overcome, the additional driving gear shuts off automatically and speed can be increased again in accordance with the road conditions (see graph 1).

2. In regular traffic as trailer combination: after the driving gear is switched off, the drive unit can achieve a speed of 50 miles/h in the transport combination. The K25 PB also distinguishes itself through its sturdy chassis construction, +/- 325 mm axle compensation and 60° steering angle (see graph 2).

3. For in-plant transports: during in-plant tasks, the drive unit with PPU – with or without K25 platform trailer – can be uncoupled from the tractor and controlled as self-propelled transport combination via a mobile operating panel. This operating panel controls the hydrostatic drive, lifting and lowering functions, hydraulic steering, brake system as well as electrical power supply. Short, manoeuvrable and extremely flexible (see graph 3)!


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